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The Programme Enfants Témoins is a Francophone resource dedicated to support children of all ages and their mothers who have experienced and/or have been witnesses of family and domestic violence.

  • For children : a comforting and safe space for children to talk about the cycle of violence and identify any post-traumatic emotions.
  • For mothers : A personalized support that encourages parent-child communication and accompaniment as mothers utilize best practices and support children in their personal journeys.

Anxiety, angry outburst, silence, unrest, hyperactivity, behavioural disorders, developmental delays… Children are not alone against violence effects.

This program, provided in French by specialized Social Workers, aims to support children towards a life without violence.

An initiative and an organisation such as La Maison, relies greatly upon Community commitment, partnership and donations. We would welcome your  support either monetarily or in kind to help in providing the very best environment and service for children and their mother who enter our doors.

To donate, please visit our dedicated webpage on

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